3 Delicious Collagen Coffee Recipes

3 Delicious Collagen Coffee Recipes
Coffee addict? Same here!

I mean who doesn’t like starting their day with a cup of refreshing brew?

When you add collagen tit, you are not only getting a kick first thing in the morning but you are taking care of your overall health by boosting your collagen production in an easy and tasty way.

Here are 3 of our favorite recipes that will help you incorporate collagen peptides into your morning coffee routine.

1. Everyday Collagen Coffee

collagen powder pouring into Espresso coffee

The most popular way people enjoy their collagen powder - as a coffee creamer. Start your day on the right foot with a collagen-rich morning coffee, Vital Nutritive style.

- 2 oz espresso
- 1 cup milk (regular or almond)
- 1 scoop of Vital Collagen Powder

Start off by mixing and stirring our hydrolyzed Vital Collagen Powder with the warm or hot espresso before adding in the milk to avoid any lumps. Enjoy it in your favorite mug or pour it in a flask and sip it on the go. Add ice if you prefer it chilled. 

2. Whipped Collagen Coffee

coconut sugar whipped coffee
A great alternative if you want to spice up your daily cup of coffee. A chilled creamy and nutty latte that can be drunk in the morning or as an afternoon snack. Boosts your daily intake of collagen with only about 240 calories per serving!

- 2 tablespoons instant coffee
- 2 tablespoons coconut sugar
- 2 tablespoons hot water
- 1 cup milk (regular or almond/soy) 
- 1 scoop Vital Collagen Powder
- 5 ice cubes

Pour the instant coffee, coconut sugar and hot water in a bowl. Use a hand mixer to beat the mixture to a thick and creamy texture. In a separate cup, mix the milk and the collagen peptides and stir well. Add the ice cubes and pour the whipped coffee on top. Enjoy!

3. Oat Milk Vegan Latte

Oat milk latte with collagen powder
Looking for a vegan option? Why not start your morning with this delicious collagen fix, vegan-friendly style! If you have a sweet tooth, you are going to love this recipe.

- Double shot of espresso or ½ cup coffee
- 2 teaspoons brown sugar
- 1 cup oat milk
- 1 scoop of Vital Collagen Powder
- Pinch of cinnamon (optional)

First, pour a shot of espresso or half a cup of coffee into a tall glass. Add one or two scoops of Vital Collagen. Add brown sugar and stir until it melts. Warm up the oat milk on a stove while stirring often. Transfer to a sealed container and give it a good shake until it froths. Pour it over your sweetened espresso and sprinkle a bit of cinnamon if you like. Voila!

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